Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1 - 40x Error 

I receive a 401 or 404 error when I try to access my courses. How do I access my courses?

Errors in the 4xx range are generally related to your web browser (i.e., pop-up blocker or adware extension is active). Some steps you can take to resolve this issue are:

FAQ 2 - Can I access my courses from my iPhone? 

The short answer is yes, however Apple automatically enables some features that may prevent you from accessing the site and returns a 4xx error. To solve this issue go to your iPhone settings then:
  • Scroll down and select Safari  

  • Ensure "block pop-ups" is turned OFF
  • Ensure "prevent cross-site tracking" is turned OFF

FAQ 3 - How do staff and volunteers access courses after I purchase a subscription?

Once you have completed your purchase of your annual subscription, you will receive an email with instructions for your staff and volunteers to access your courses.  You can either forward them the email, or the attached PDF document that will accompany the email. The instructions in the email and PDF document will look similar to the following:

  1. After reading these brief instructions, click this link (this will be a hyperlink to your subscription).
  2. Click "Start Learning Now".
  3. Create an account or login to your account.
  4. At the check out page, scroll down and enter your coupon for a zero balance.

FAQ 4 - How do I upgrade my subscription?

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